Sweden Demo Day is back again!

Sweden Demo Day is back again!


Sweden Demo Day 2017

Clear your calendar for December 12th: you are booked for Sweden Demo Day 2017!


Sweden’s largest and most spectacular un-conference for startups and investors in the digital realms is back to display and crown the up-and-coming, under-the-radar, Swedish digital superstars of tomorrow! The swanky facilities of Münchenbryggeriet will be draped in our signature brown floor cover paper, on which entrepreneurs draw and write their business ideas.


Sweden Demo Day is the first 100% community driven and owned event.

So, welcome back and feel like at home, baby!  

Our Supersonic Hosts


If you want to get warmed up for Sweden Demo Day, join Startup Grind Season Finale & Sweden Demo Day Pre-Party on December 11. Register here: https://goo.gl/hLsJrj

The Sweden Demo Day Manual

  1. Free for all. Always. No excuses for not showing up!
  2. The brown paper common presentation format. One piece of paper equals one booth. Same for all, plus, it is the pitch that should stand out. Exposing your creativity on paper, with the help of markers, crayons or scrapbooking brings out your inner sense for explaining what you actually do in a great way.
  3. Roll-ups are boring, filled with stale stock photos and meaningless slogans. If you absolutely need to bring a roll-up, be our guest, however you will get a tier 2 spot.
  4. No speakers – no distractions. If you want traditional conference content, listen to TED.
  5. Great networking program. We fill the floor with the ones you can only dream of finding in the same spot at the same time. Don’t waste the occasion!
  6. Super networkers work the floor. These are seasoned entrepreneurs, networkers and investors who basically know everyone. You can identify them by their really nice looking scarves. They are there for you. Ask them for feedback, intros or where the toilets are.
  7. Amazing awards! Grand prizes, on stage investments, glorious (and huge!) cups!



The swanky facilities of Münchenbryggeriet will be draped in our signature brown floor cover paper


Sweden Demo Day Team

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